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  • lastnightontaris published a quote post 3 hours ago
    Weekly schedules handed out to Raider players would include the instruction that on Sunday, “we go to war.” His passions for warfare and its tactics and his love of football strategy were parallel passions: football as surprise and speed…not just down the field speed but speed at the point of contact. Speed from side to side. Speed to the ball. Al Davis football was impatient football; quickness was all.

    From Peter Richmond’s Badasses: The Legend of Snake, Foo, Dr. Death and John Madden’s Oakland Raiders.

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  • its125baby asked a question 6 hours ago
    its125baby what do you think of Jon Gruden or Mike Shanahan as new head coach?

    Two former Raiders’ head coaches, both in outstanding feuds with the late Mr. Davis. Both successful in their own right, especially outside of Oakland (or in Shanahan’s case, LA).

    Like I said in the previous post, bringing back former coaches seems to do more harm than good—just look to Joe Gibbs or Art Shell for examples. Gruden is loved and Shanahan is hated in the Nation, but the bottom line is both men, whether intentionally or unintentionally, have brought upon us years and years of misery, with Gruden beating us in the big one and Shanahan dominating us for over a decade. The thought of Gruden coming back is a lot like Charles Woodson being back—he’s been great, but he’s not been enough to turn the ship back around. I fear with Gruden it would be the same. Shanahan’s a different story, but I don’t see him coming within 1000 miles of Oakland, let’s be honest.

    So, I love Gruden and respect Shanahan, but I don’t see either coming back to the Silver and Black.

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  • lastnightontaris published a photo post 7 hours ago

    50% and counting. Can I vote for all four? Or at least the top three? Via.

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  • jcastrolea asked a question 16 hours ago
    jcastrolea Well since it's obvious we'll get a newcoach either way since DA will be fired now and the interim coach will probably be replaced or DA gets fired at season end (probably the former), who do you want and who do you think will be the new coach? I personally want a defensive minded guy so a defensive coordinator that has some nasty and fire. Wouldn't mind the Niners, Broncos, or Cardinals coordinators. We got some talent and a high pick, so we just need some guidance and a leader head coach!

    And like that, he’s gone.

    In the interim, I definitely see Sparano stepping in to take the reins. That was the plan all along anyway. With this black hole of a roster, he won’t make it another year, although I could see him hanging around in his current capacity (the O-Line looks a lot better than people are saying—I feel like people are just looking to compare Derek Carr to his brother and the Texans’ infamous offensive line woes at that time—Derek is being protected, the running backs are being given holes, it’s just that they’re old and slow—MJD is fragile and DMC is broken both physically and mentally. Just put in Latavius Murray and see what he can do, but I digress).

    Anyway, back to what you were saying—as who should lead the Silver and Black into the future—I have two favorites. 1) if Jim Harbaugh slips away from the 49ers, I think we should throw everything we have to bring him in. He’s the kind of strong, impassioned leader this team needs. 2) There’s an offensive coordinator in Cincinnati who is working wonders with a team of misfits and outcasts. Oh, and he used to be the head coach of the Raiders. His name is Hue Jackson. I know it’s a long shot, but he’ll definitely be getting calls from other teams, just wait and see. Why can’t we be one of them?

    Teams like the 49ers, Broncos and Cardinals have all been wildly successful, so their coordinators would make sense. You can also add the Seahawks and Chiefs to that list. But honestly I want to see a proven product out there on the sidelines leading this team. If somebody like Harbaugh slips free in his prime, we need to pounce on that on shit like our life depends on it. Because, well, the life of our franchise does. Go big or go home. 

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  • thanksfella asked a question 1 day ago
    thanksfella so Allen is fired, good move to make in season? i really dont know who will interim or if they have been talking to unemployed coaches already to take over mid season,

    I hear you. Firing coaches mid-season and putting in interim coaches rarely does any good. But I think we’re all just so sick of seeing DA’s face and his completely inept style of coaching. I’ve always liked Tony Sparano because he’s a creative football mind and a fired-up one at that—I feel like he could do a lot better job motivating the team than any of the other deadbeats on that coaching staff. Ditto Al Saunders, but the chances of that happening are even less. We just need change—sometimes change in itself feels good. We’ll see what happens this week. 

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    Please. What the fuck are you waiting for? Seriously. #firedennisallen #raidernation #raiders

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  • hiiipowerranger asked a question 2 days ago
    hiiipowerranger Guess we will be looking at the #1 pick in the draft next year

    We can only hope so at this point.

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  • whats-eating-oscar-grape asked a question 2 days ago
    whats-eating-oscar-grape Do you think we need a new head coach?

    I think we need a new team.

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  • thanksfella asked a question 2 days ago
    thanksfella derek carr walking himself off the field with a noticeable limp... no one helping the team leader out...on their own team. what the hell is going on. fire DA and coaching staff.. but i still stand by keeping Reggie.

    No one’s helping us fans either. I’m hurting too!

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  • thanksfella asked a question 2 days ago
    thanksfella i am happy that alot of these players are on 1-2 year contracts and the raiders wont take a cap hit if any are released. but i am done with the injury prone Branch and DMC..he is afraid to hit the hole full speed. he stutter steps every time he carries the ball, it is like he tries to avoid contact.

    McFadden has been broken for the last couple years. Not just physically but mentally. He’s got the fear in him and once that happens to a RB, they’re done. He’s done and we’re done with him.

    As for Branch, he just can’t stay healthy, but even then, I still think he’s always been overrated. Put him on any other team and he’s nothing. We’ve been so bad that we’ve elevated him up to something he isn’t. Really, we’ve been this way for the last 12 years with many players.

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  • lastnightontaris published a text post 2 days ago
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