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    Raiders Roundup, 9/17/2014


    Rough day: James Jones was the best receiver we had on the field last Sunday (9 rec, 112 yds and a TD), but he still ended up making the biggest mistake of the game (2 fumbles…on one play). Such is the sad state of the Raiders. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images) puts together a list of the top ten moments against the Patriots over the years. Other than the ‘76 playoffs, nothing stands out as too exciting. The Tuck Rule, fortunately, does not make an appearance.

    Don’t fire Allen…yet. Just Blog Baby makes the case for holding onto D.A….for now.

    Silver and Black Pride looks at the Raiders 2015 Hall of Fame snubs. The greatness of the Raiders (past tense) will not be denied.

    From SFGate, Vic Tafur reminisces on the hollow words of veteran D-linemen like Tommy Kelly, Richard Seymour and now Justin Tuck as they try to rationalize the atrocious performances of their defenses. “Stop, stop, boom,” baby.

    What Would Al Do? Pride and Poise takes a simple, to-the-point look at the Raiders dire situation and just how dire it is.

    What would Al do?

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    Design done for one of my favorite clients. #BoJackson #Raiders #Oakland #NFL #football

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    thanksfella what are your thoughts of DA possibly getting axed this season? I read on rotoworld that they think the Raiders should clean house... most ridiculous thing i have heard. considering the Raiders just finished cleaning out the junk... people need to remember it takes time to build multi year winning team. Maybe DA isnt the head coach for us, but i believe in Mckenzie.

    My case against Reggie McKenzie:

    Coaching strategy: Fired Hue Jackson, who as offensive coordinator and head coach had led us to consecutive 8-8 seasons with the support of the players and the fans, and bring in Dennis Allen, the defensive coordinator of a rival we had beaten that season, and who would go on to hire an unproven defensive coordinator (Jason Tarver), a proven to be bad offensive coordinator (Greg Knapp) and the QB coach of Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne (Greg Olson).

    Deconstruction strategy: Gut the roster of young talented players like Jared Veldheer, LaMarr Houston, Rashad Jennings, Matt Shaughnessy, Desmond Bryant and Mike Mitchell, as well as team leaders like Carson Palmer, Richard Seymour and Shane Lechler, all in the name of getting under the cap, while teams like the Cowboys, Steelers and Panthers continue to be competitive even with terrible cap situations.

    Drafting strategy: From the 2012 draft, only two of six players remain on the roster: Tony Bergstrom, a third round bust if such a thing exists, and Miles Burris, a solid depth piece at linebacker. From the 2013 draft, three of ten players are already off the roster, with four more spending most of their time on injured reserve (DJ Hayden, Menelik Watson, Sio Moore and Latavius Murray). After last week’s game, Mychal Rivera can add fumbling to his resume of not being able to run and block. The jury is still out 2014 draft class.

    Rebuilding strategy: Bring a combination of former Green Bay Packers practice squad players and washed up veterans, including quarterbacks Matt Leinart (out of the league) and Matt Flynn (lost the starting job and cut), running back Mike Goodson (out of the league), offensive lineman Mike Brisiel, Andre Gurode and Tony Pashos (all out of the league), as well as Roger Staffold (failed physical and returned to the Rams), linebacker Kaluka Maiava (spent most of the time on injured reserve or on the bench), defensive linemen Dave Tollefson, Andre Carter and Jason Hunter (all out of the league), cornerbacks Ron Bartell, Shawntae Spencer and Pat Lee (the latter two out of the league), safety Usama Young (on the bench), Chris Kluwe (out of the league), Josh Cribbs (out of the league).

    Successful free agent signings: Rashad Jennings (let go), James Jones, Austin Howard, Donald Penn, Pat Sims, Vance Walker (let go), Nick Roach (injured), Philip Wheeler (let go), Kevin Burnett (let go), Mike Jenkins (let go), Tracy Porter (let go), Philip Adams (let go), Charles Woodson.

    Current free agent signings who have not played well through two games this season: Matt Schaub (on the bench for $8 mil), Maurice Jones-Drew (injured), Greg Little (cut before season), Kevin Boothe (on the bench), Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley, Antonio Smith, Carlos Rogers.

    *The jury is also still out on cornerback Tarell Brown, who has been up and down in his play.

    Positives: The cap situation is finally under control (although it might not be next season when we have to cut all these washed-up veterans). Penalties are also finally under control (the Raiders have the lowest penalty yards in the league). The 2014 draft class is already looking strong (Khalil Mack, Derek Carr and Gabe Jackson are already in starting roles, while TJ Carrie, Justin Ellis and Shelby Harris also look promising). The team has veteran leadership (Charles Woodson, Justin Tuck and Maurice Jones-Drew). The offensive line is looking solid. The special teams is looking good as always. The Raiders might just finally have a quarterback of the future (Carr), and the rot from the final few Al Davis years has been all but gutted out (expensive busts like Michael Huff, DHB, Rolando McClain are all gone).

    Conclusion: The Raider mystique is losing its luster because of moves made by general manager Reggie McKenzie, which include the hiring of head coach Dennis Allen. Making matters worse, the Raiders haven’t had a winning season in over ten years, and the stadium conditions continue to worsen. Over the last two weeks, this team has been dead on arrival when it takes the field. This issue points to the coaching staff, but I also think it goes deeper than that. The Oakland Raiders need change, big change, and they need it now. Maybe McKenzie gets another chance with his 2014 draft, but the 2014 free agent class will continue to haunt him for many years to come, and maybe out of a job. In short, DA is done, Reggie’s on the hot seat.

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    The Patriot locker room had a decidedly different vibe. The Raider style of play had obviously left more of an impression than a broken nose for their tight end. To the Patriot way of thinking, alley brawls did not constitute playoff football. “If they’re going to go all the way,” said a livid Darryl Stingley, “they’d better clean up their act and start playing some football. That’s why they can’t win the big game. Their method catches up with them. If they continue taking cheap shots and stuff, they’re going to have a lot more penalties called on them than they did today.”

    But the Badass style had provided a winning formula, and today Villapiano savors the memory of that revenge victory, which, he says, provided the impetus for the games to follow.

    "We attacked them, held them, grabbed them, smashed them. They were complaining. We were complaining. That’s a playoff atmosphere. That time, we have them a little Raider-style football."

    - From Peter Richmond’s Badasses: The Legend of Snake, Foo, Dr. Death and John Madden’s Oakland Raiders.
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    jcastrolea I'm sick of DA's philosophy! The whole I want player's that love the game has worn down on me. I feel like we're either breeding or turning players soft. I want a coach that's nasty! I want a coach with some fire! I want a coach with some passion! I want some angry, mad, passed off, I hate the world kinda attitude around the locker room. We're just soft. I want some F*UCK the world, us against them, we hate everyone but us fire! I mean, do you get me?

    I remember sometime over the last two weeks watching the games when I suddenly realized just how badour roster is. It’s hard to put it into words. There’s like this talent-less void in the roster—something’s missing and it feels empty. There is really next to no talent, especially on offense (and even more especially at WR, TE, LB and CB), and the talent there is is stale and stinking to high heaven. It feels like a practice squad team or from some other league like the CFL. Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley and Antonio Smith are all washed up and don’t have any gas left in the tank. Maurice Jones-Drew and Darren McFadden are injuries waiting to happen or that have already happened. Our offense line has improved, but is still one of the worst in the league at protecting the QB from pressure. Derek Carr, for all his NFL-readiness, is still a rookie who says ridiculously naive things like (on his offensive line) “I always think they do a great job, even if I get hit every play.” After he gets hit like his brother did, who knows what crazy shit will come out of his mouth.

    And speaking of crazy, Charles Woodson is going to go bonkers or AWOL or both by the end of the season with the way things are going. Just last Sunday I saw him repeatedly hitting the ground (literally, with his fist) after plays, going nutty like he’s in ‘Nam or something. Why did you come back, C-Wood? It’s like Rambo coming back for a sequel. You already had a mental breakdown in the first one, and you just come back for more punishment (okay, not that I’m saying I want him to leave, just that I feel bad for him, and that he deserves better—let’s give him the Rambo action movie he deserves).

    So, what I’m saying is, I get you 110%. This talent-less void we have here was created by none other than Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie. It’s not just D.A., this was Reggie’s idea from the start—they’re definitely on the same page because Reggie “wanted his man” and dumped Hue Jackson, which reminds me. HUE JACKSON. THERE’S THE COACH WE WANT(ED). Jon Gruden would also fit this profile. Hell, even Tom Cable.

    Who’s left? The most nuttiest, control freak egomaniac of them all—Jim Harbaugh. I hope he talks his way out of job in San Fran, and then comes waltzing across the bay to mount the biggest revenge campaign we’ve ever seen. I can see it now: the Revenge of the Raiders! Print that shit before it hits the fan!

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    I’m right there with you

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    We suck. That’s as blunt as I can put it. For whatever reason. Defensively we just won’t stop people, especially early in games. Every drive, every first drive, their team is able to go and get points and today it happened all day. Offensively we put the ball on the ground. We had opportunities and we didn’t capitalize on them.

    Collectively, we look bad. It’s frustrating because everything that everybody says about you, we’re making them right. It’s almost as if you allow others to write your story. And we’re not going out there and doing anything about it. That’s hard. I’m really embarrassed. When I came into the stadium on the bus and saw all the fans there… everybody’s optimistic. It’s our first home game, they’re excited to see their Raiders and what was that we put out on the field? That’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for this team, I’m embarrassed for the fans. And the thing is, I’m a part of it. I don’t know what we need to do as a team going forward, but something gonna have to done. I don’t know what it is but we’ve got to be better than we were today.

    - Charles Woodson - Oakland Raiders (via supagrover)
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    thedon003 Is it just me? Or does it seem like the league is always trying to keep the Raider's at the bottom of the league? The Refs, players sign on just to get a check etc.? I dunno, what I do know is we need a better HC, play caller and DC.

    Well, while I think there’s certainly some kind of long-running spite out there against the Raiders, I don’t think there’s a grand conspiracy or anything; the only ones keeping us at the bottom of the league are ourselves. We just don’t need new coaches, we need to CLEAR HOUSE. New GM, new HC, new stadium, maybe even new city (or old—L.A.?).

    Apart from a few years off and on during the ’60s (the non-Al years), the Raiders have always been different from the rest of the league. From the owner on down: the GMs, the coaches, the players, the stadiums and even the fans—the way things have been run in the Raider Nation have always been off-kilter to say the least. In some eras, this deviation has given us a great advantage, leading to unparalleled dominance (from 1963 to 1985, the Raiders had the highest winning percentage in all of professional sports), in others (now), not so much. Either way, we have a legacy unlike any another professional sports organization—this is why we love our Raiders, even in times like these. But without Al, that magic is fading fast. We need a strong figure to replace him in spirit, and I have just the perfect someone in mind: he’s just right across the bay, and his name is Jim Harbaugh. If the golddiggers let him go, well, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that’s what the Raiders have always been about, and forever will be—finding the Silver linings of the AFL/NFL.

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    That time of year already?

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    I’ve been against firing the staff but last week and this week were pathetic. At the end of the day Mark is still Al’s son. He can’t be happy. Al is sitting on his throne in hell pissed off. I don’t think this staff has much time left. I’ve supported them but c’mon man. Al Saunders, Tony Sparano can fill in until the year is over. Jim Harbaugh will be out there. David Shaw. Jon…. Gruden. #Raiders #RaiderNation.


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    Touchdown Darren McFadden

    It’s something.

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